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About Us

What we are?

We are a lifestyle brand focused on helping people start and maintain a healthier lifestyle. We understand the challenges of starting this journey and want to be there every step of the way.


Because taking care of your body shouldn’t be complicated!

Our products
Our products

Are developed to make the transition into a healthier lifestyle easier whether it is through our protein shakes delicious taste, our supplements unique combination of ingredients or our gels ease of use.

Our goals
Our goals

Is to empower people to take the first step to healthier lifestyle changes that last.

At Hot Vita

  • We believe starting the journey to a healthier lifestyle shouldn’t be difficult.
  • We believe in using premium natural ingredients to make great products accessible to all people at reasonable prices.
  • We are motivated to always improve the customer lifestyle journey experience.

Motivated Women

Are our inspiration and as so, we’ve set on a mission to help these women reach their health and fitness goals to make their daily lives fuller and happier. 


slow progress is better than no progress!