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When it comes to scoring your ideal summer bod, it’s the nature of any good fitness babe to shake things up a bit. The sun is out. The heat is turned up. The inspiration is there to maybe (read: definitely) try something new this summer (boxing class, anyone?).

If you’re breaking a sweat regularly no matter what time of year, you’re probably already feeling oh so fabulous! Sweating, though pretty nasty, actually has incredible health benefits that, well, don't stink. Boosted endorphins and total body detoxing, while preventing sinus infections and other illnesses, and it promotes healthy skin and lowers stress. Oh, we could go on and on!

But what if we told you that you could gain more from your sweaty workout that will result in you getting your summer bod even faster?


Turns out, we’ve got a thing or two that’ll make that happen. You’re welcome! ;)

Hot Gel:

So you may be wondering how applying a gel before your workout can boost your results. The secret is in the ingredients! We infuse it with premium, all-natural goodies (think jojoba seed oil, coffee extract, and coconut oil) that are proven to have endless advantages to your body.

The jojoba seed oil acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin, proven to reduce any unwanted wrinkles and saggy skin. The coffee extract acts as a stimulant to circulate blood while also getting rid of any toxins.
Coconut oil caries qualities that tend to tone the skin while stimulating fat cells helping them to burn quickly.
We’re practically bathing in this stuff, ladies. It’s a total game-changer. Apply it to your target areas before any physical activity to stimulate your circulation, amp up the sweat, and ultimately, your results.

Copper Sweat Belt:

It’s no secret that “copper” tends to be a trendy word being thrown around in the wellness world right now. But it’s for a good reason!
The element “copper” has properties that tend to increase sweat, improve circulation, reduce swelling, promote healthier skin, and so much more. Who knew, right?!

Of course, we love this belt for the summer because it’s turning up the heat even more in our core, leading to more circulation and sweat. And the boost of elasticity it gives to our skin to make it feel firm and fit is enough to make us never take it off! But the best part (drumroll, please!) is that the belt reduces any sort of muscle fatigue and soreness you’ll have after an intense gym session, meaning you’ll be ready for your next exercise faster. No more “days off”. As if…

However you’re sweatin’ this summer -- yoga, boxing, pilates, biking, running -- we recommend incorporating these two little weapons into your routine to get that bikini body to the beach faster. See you there! ;)