Let’s talk about protein powder

Aug 2, 2019
Let’s talk about protein powder - Hot Vita

Protein powder. You’ve probably heard all the bodybuilding guys at the gym talking about it or see them holding some sort of supplement shake near the weight machines.

Yes, protein powder tends to get a rep amongst the ladies as a “no-no” due to its powerful muscle-building abilities. But, turns out, you can incorporate these shakes into your fitness lifestyle or routine and get hot results without becoming the next Mrs. Hulk Hogan 😉


Who knew, right?! Now, before you go sprinkling protein powder around like fairy dust, let us break it all down for you babes, starting with the basics...
Let’s Talk About Protein Powder

What is a “protein powder”?

Protein powders are a nutritional supplement that can be added into a pre or post-workout shake or smoothie. These shakes or smoothies are sometimes used as total meal replacements. A little scoop of the protein powder into your morning shake will leave you feeling full so no additional morning meal is necessary. 

These powders then to be jam-packed with all sorts of yummy vitamins you need before or after a hard workout. Most people use them to amp up those workouts, if they’re recovering from an injury, or if they’ve gone vegetarian/vegan. 

Many protein powders (like Hot Vita’s!) are made with a secret ingredient called “whey”, a complete water-soluble milk protein. Complete proteins contain all nine of the amino acids necessary for a babe’s dietary essentials.