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10-Minute at-home ab workout

Apr 18, 2021
10-Minute at-home ab workout - Hot Vita

Alright, babes, you know by now that a toned core and waistline doesn’t just appear out of nowhere! A beautiful bod comes from cardio, strength training, eating healthy food, and allllll of the self-love.

But we totally get that, well... some days you just cannot drag yourself to the gym for an hour on the treadmill, or you’ve had a long one at work, and the thought of going to your Pilates class feels unbearable.

However, girls, there are no excuses for not doing at least the bare minimum for your core, even on those lazy days. Abs workouts are essential for tightening the core so that you have the strength to do those super-effective workouts (Pilates, HIIT, aerobics, yoga sculpt, etc.), without injury.

So, what is the bare minimum exactly?! Glad you asked. 

Just ten minutes per day in your living room doing our suggest ab workout (see below). Did you get that?! Ten minutes. From your living room. Yep! We wouldn't lie to you.

While a quick ten minutes of core work is very effective when it comes to scoring a bikini body, we 10/10 recommend also incorporating in our Sweat Kit to further tone your tummy and burn off a few extra calories. Because, if you are going to skip the gym, ladies, you should get the very most out of that ten-minute ab workout.

Apply the Hot Gel on your stomach before your quick crunch session

Just apply the Hot Gel on your stomach before your quick crunch session, which increases blood circulation and sweat factor to stimulate fat burn in your core. Then strap on our Copper Belt! It’s infused with copper ions that reduce any sort of muscle pain/fatigue you might have the next day, boots skin elasticity in your core, and also stimulates blow flow. 

Whew! Your 10-minute ab workout just got a lot sweatier so you don’t have to feel too guilty for skipping Pilates.
Copper Belt is infused with copper ions that reduce any sort of muscle pain/fatigue

We’ve got ten different exercises, and each one engages the core (abs, obliques, lower back) in a different way. Try each exercise for 50 seconds, with a quick ten-second rest/transition time in between each. 

Go get it, girl!

50 second Sit-ups
(10 sec rest)
50 second - Single Leg Drops
(10 sec rest)
50 second Mountain Climbers
(10 sec rest)
50 second Bicycle Crunches
(10 sec rest)
50 second - Regular Crunches
(10 sec rest)
50 second – Leg Lifts
(10 sec rest)
50 second - Flutter Kick
(10 sec rest)
50 second - Scissor Kick
(10 sec rest)
50 second - Side Oblique Crunches
(10 sec rest)
50 second - Plank


Adding this kit to your ab routine 3-4 times a week and you will be sure to gain a more defined (and sexy!) core. 😉 Check out the sweat kit here!