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Beauty starts here

Collagen is a babe’s most important supplement for hair, skin and nails, while Turmeric takes care of gut health and detoxes.

Glowing Skin. Healthy Hair

Our unflavored Collagen & Turmeric powder restores, strengthens, and heals to give you a glow that radiates from within. Mix it. Drink it. Work your inner beauty.

  • Supports healthier hair, nail and skin.
  • Gut and digestion aid.
  • Strengthens joints, bones, and muscle


Loaded up with the beauty vitamins and nutrients, you need to look and feel pretty beneath the makeup. It all starts here, ladies!

  • Collagen
    Packed with collagen types I-IX that restore texture, elasticity, and smoothness of skin.
  • Turmeric
    Natural anti-inflammatory and digestion aid.
  • Biotin
    Strengthens and improves appearance of hair, skin, and nails.
  • Vitamin C
    A natural skin firmer and brightener that can prevent premature aging.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Kimberly Lang
So far So good!

I purchased this with a body vibration system. I mix it with my pomegranate and blueberry V8 juice I don't taste the difference so I don't think it has a taste. It's difficult to get it to blend in with the juice. You have to stir it a lot or take a spoon and smashed it up against the side of the glass and keep stirring after a while it does mix without and clumps and I can drink it without any bad taste or gritty taste in my mouth. I definitely recommend this product.

Jose criollo
Excellent for athletes

I am a 55 year old men that runs 40 miles every week. I have been drinking this supplement, and it feels great this product its awesome, it recovers my muscles and joints faster for less soreness . 100% recommended.

Emma Wilson
Loving my results.

Great peptide! Loving my results.

Sophia M.

So happy Hot Vita came out with this! I’m absolutely LOVING the change in my skin.

Maria Hoyos

Just got mine a few days ago. Too soon to see results yet, but the order came right on time and you can’t beat the price! I typically see stuff like this priced way higher.