Beauty kit

Your body is meant to look and feel great!
Receive in a single kit all the beauty benefits from premium ingredients such as: Collagen, Sunflower oil, Biotin & more.

Premium Protein Shake

A marvelous day includes an amazing exercising routine and a delicious protein shake! Are you in for a healthy snack? Meal replacement? Mix your protein shake with your favorite fruit and enjoy.

Premium Protein Shake - Beauty kit - Hot Vita
Anti-Cellulite Skin Blessing - Beauty kit - Hot Vita

Anti-Cellulite Skin Blessing

Treat cellulite while nourishing your skin with natural premium ingredients. Target cellulite troublesome areas with our Anti-cellulite formula and go totally OMG about the results!

Combo Beauty Blend

Loving our bodies include complementing our days with Collagen, Biotin, Hyaluronic Acid, Magnesium and more from our Beauty supplement.

Combo Beauty Blend - Beauty kit - Hot Vita