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The success of meal replacement shakes

A lot is said about replacing meals when it comes to sports and general exercising, no wonder why, it’s actually a great way of taking off a few extra pounds. So, in this post we are going to briefly explain how this works and how to successfully do it with a Hot Vita Shake.

The success of meal replacement shakes

How does it work?

Simple, the idea behind meal replacement is using a protein shake that will give you the necessary nutrients of a meal (reducing the carbs amount). It suppresses your appetite and/or lowers the speed of digestion to keep you from eating more than what your body strictly needs and a little bit less in terms of carbs. 

So, basically, you would enter in a general deficit of calories that would make your body use its own fat stock. It will replace the missing regular fat from its own reserves.

Taking care:

Not all meals are easy to replace due to the amount of nutrients needed for the body’s functioning. For example, breakfast, the 1st meal of the day after a regular 8hrs sleep in which you are fasting, the body might need more nutrients to start its functioning, at least if you’re planning to have an active morning. Similar to what happens with lunch with the amount of nutrients needed for the rest of the afternoon and different from an afternoon snack or dinner, in which you need lower nutrients because you already have nutrients from breakfast and/or lunch.

This changes according to the level of activity in your day, if you’re staying all morning at home you could replace your breakfast with a Hot Vita shake.

Our advice: 

Replace dinner or an afternoon snack (Lunch is not advised to be replaced because you have better options to gain nutrients from vegetables, natural proteins and carbs). Replace breakfast, only if you’re planning to stay home.

If you just finished your exercise routine or if it’s a lazy day and its dinner time, replace your meal with a Hot Vita Shake. Take your pick on one (or all) of our delicious flavors.