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Boost my goals with a sweat gel?

Lately, we’ve been thinking about taking cycling classes, Pilates or any other cardio exercise. Knowing that results might take time… We did a little research on different exercising enhancers to boost our goals and you know… make the best out of our efforts.

There’s a lot out there 😯! Pills, workout clothes, massages, gels, creams, diets, we’re not saying this as a negative opinion but like, wow! Barely working out can be enhanced in a lot of ways, like, the single act of taking a stroll through the park can be greatly boosted with a calorie burn capsule or special workout equipment.

After taking a lot of info from different approaches, sweat gels seem to be a really light + effective way, plus they can be combined with other methods and even bring additional benefits. Here’s what we found out:

  1. Specific body area stimulation

    Ex: Playing tennis today? Apply on your arms and legs.
    Ex: Cardio + Abs routine = apply on your waist and lower back, maybe legs and arms too.
    Apply gel on your arms and legs

  2. Skin benefits:

    Gels are topical, so they usually have special ingredients to moisturize and nourish your skin. Some might bring natural ingredients or even help with cellulite or skin firming.
    Ingredients to moisturize and nourish your skin

  3. Blood circulation

    Stimulating blood circulation is a serious commonly unknown benefit. It can enhance calorie burn as a side effect, helping you lose weight and making you feel more active, energetic and hot! The perfect boost to your workouts and even inspiring yourself to enjoy more of those cardio accelerated moments.

  4. Increased body temperature and perspiration:

    The point of boosting sweat is that it stimulates water weight loss and even extra toxin burn to accelerate the results of all of your physical activities by raising your body’s temperature and sweating the extra weight away.
    Increased body temperature and perspiration

Our small research paid off, now that we know this info, cardio is seriously going to the next level!