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Achieving a healthy lean figure!

Bring on the healthy solutions to go for the body we want! Our goal is clear: If it’s healthy, we’re in!

So, nowadays there’s a lot going on around having a beautiful silhouette and a lean body but, at Hot Vita we prefer all the body friendly ways, which means leaving aside surgery and methods that might be aggressive on your body.

Today’s research: 5 Weight loss supplements for shaping a beautiful silhouette:

Garcinia Cambogia: Stimulates your metabolism (metabolism: aka that body blessing that can gets rid of calories in the blink of an eye!), diminishes your appetite and enhances your body’s overall functioning! It also works by inhibiting fat-processing enzyme in the body and by suppressing appetite while at the same time enhancing energy levels.
Garcinia Cambogia stimulates your metabolism

Hydroxy cut: Worldwide famous and one of the most common when it comes to weight loss supplements. Based on a blend of: Wild mint, coffee, wild olive, lady’s mantle, and komijin, all of these on extract. It works mainly by boosting your metabolism through the blend, specially caffeine.

Green Coffee bean extract: Regular coffee beans that haven’t been toasted. Receive a full body boost, enhance energy levels, brain activity and fat burning. It works through caffeine and chlorogenic acid, both improving fat processing in the body.

Raspberry Ketones: Extract from the raspberries (and other fruits). Affects adiponectin, hormone involved in the processing of fat and also reducing appetite.   Some formulas can also secure an accelerated metabolism. 

Chromium: This mineral can help your body properly process fat. Found in very low doses in certain foods. It works by suppressing hunger (food cravings included!) but the difference with other supplements is that Chromium doesn’t affect metabolism or takes part in fat processing.

We are advising you to mix any supplement you take with a healthy diet and exercising.

Our goal is to remind you of what is good for your body and your body loves receiving the proper supplementation while feeling active, whether its yoga, running or dancing!

Healthy Diet and exercising - Hot Vita

Remember to always discuss supplementation with your doctor before taking it.