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A beginner’s guide to protein shakes

How and when to use protein shakes for beginners? Buckle up team because we are going to explain the best ways to use protein shakes and make the most out of them. This blog was made for beginners and for anyone who is not so dedicated to fitness but still manages to stay active 1 to 3 times per week to give their body a healthy break! SO, if you're still reading, this is for YOU! 

First thing you need to know is that each body is different so it’s important that you consult your general doctor and a nutritionist to be aware of your body’s specific needs.

Second, always choose high-quality ingredients. Giving your body the best, will assure healthy and high-quality results. This is why we developed our Hot Vita Shakes line. Beyond self-propaganda, our goal is to provide high-quality ingredients at affordable prices in search of giving our costumers delicious supplementation with premium ingredients.  We believe that being healthy should be a fun and simple practice.

So! How to and When to:

Protein shakes work as a supplement for recovering nutrients after a workout session and/or as a meal replacement to regulate your carbs ingestion (Check our Meal Replacement blog if you want to successfully lose a few pounds).

How To:

-Add fruits according to the flavor you choose and gain more nutrients!

- Mix it with water for a lower carb percentage.

- Listen up, having more protein grams per day than whats advised by your doctor, will turn into fat.

Add fruits according to the protein's flavor

When to:

-Cheers! Have a shake after a workout session (15 to 20 minutes after working out, remember that proteins are vital for muscle repair).

- For breakfast meal replacement: Drink our shake which contains 120 calories, add fruits, oatmeal and or milk to fulfil the basic 350 to 500 calories advised by Columbia University and start your day in a healthy way.

-Replace your dinner with a  protein shake, if you already had a lot of food and your day was low on physical activity.

Have a shake after a workout session


Feel great because whey protein is super digestible and Xhantum gum (included) will make you feel satisfied longer, avoiding chances of overeating. Our protein shakes are also great for keeping (or building) your waistline toned and sexy due to our 0% sugar, 0% trans-fat and low calorie values!

Have a shake after a workout session