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20’S, 30’S, 40’S and how to handle metabolism changes!

Your body has serious changes during your life, it’s a natural process of living, but at the same time nothing can stop you from making the best of it and as always, we’re to help you!
How to handle metabolism changes

As your metabolism slows down, your body changes the way food is processed over time decreasing your calorie burn rate, nutrient absorption, hormones and in general your whole body functions! 

Here’s how it works: 

20’s: Even though this might change a little according to genetics, from your 20’s to 30’s you are living on the peak of your highest metabolic rate, which means your body burns calories faster due to several body development processes such as bone building and efficient use of energy.

How to improve this:

- Accustom your body to be active (it accelerates calorie burn no matter what and keeps you healthy)
Accustom your body to be active

- Building and maintaining your muscles helps get rid of extra calories!

- Eat small portions around 5 to 6 times a day

Getting your body accustomed to being active, eating several times a day and maintaining your muscle mass is going to help you dramatically when your metabolism starts to slow down.

30’s: This is when bone building has usually stopped so the extra calorie burn is lost. Also your human growth hormone declines, so, by this age your metabolism rate starts to drop, making you experience that losing weight can get a little bit more complicated. 

How to improve this: If you didn’t accustom your body to exercising, this is the mandatory moment to do so, as we mentioned previously, muscle gain accelerates and promotes calorie burn. Add strength training to your exercise routine.
Add strength training to your exercise routine

40’s: Human growth hormone, estrogen and progesterone decrease! Which translates into slower metabolism and slower calorie burn process.

How to improve this: At this point, if you want to maintain your weight, lose weight or build muscle it is highly important to add a lower calorie intake and pay special attention to taking the necessary amount of protein to preserve your muscles. Protein is crucial on several body functions besides muscle building, so, give your body the proper measure, not less, not more. If your intake exceeds your daily needs it will be turned into fat.

The great thing about paying attention and balancing your metabolism changes is that these lead to a healthy lifestyle. Remember, by working out and paying attention to your diet you earn the right to have delicious cheat meals!
Pay attention to your diet